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Patio awnings

From commercial premises to pubs, restaurants and homes, the traditional patio awning offers a convenient, easy to operate shading system. Able to be quickly and easily extended or retracted, our awnings provide both shade and shelter, allowing you to enjoy the fresh air even when the weather is less than perfect. The shade of an awning can also protect your furnishings from fading in strong sunlight, maintaining the vibrancy of colours and finishes for longer.

Our awning collection is available in a wide range of fabrics and colours, all designed to resist fading and withstand the extremes of British weather. The world leader in awning fabrics is Dickson, and that is why we use nothing else.

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Electric awnings

We also offer automated awnings fitted with electric motors. Suitable for domestic and commercial premises, our electric awnings can be operated by switch or remote control, either individually or in banks, you can even fit them to a timer switch. If you are in a location that experiences particularly high winds, wind sensors can be fitted that will automatically retract your awning to avoid damage.

Speaker systems and light boxes are also available.

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Dutch blinds

Also known as Continental blinds, Dutch blinds are among the most popular external awnings. Suitable for use on commercial premises, hotels, restaurants and domestic homes, the traditional quarter circle shape provides both shelter and branding opportunities. Dutch blinds can either be fixed or retractable using manual or automated mechanisms.

Available in a broad range of materials, colours and finishes, a Dutch canopy is a practical and individual addition to any building.

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Shops: Transform the exterior of your premises with an awning

Project a strong contemporary or traditional visual statement with an awning. Providing both shelter and a strong branding statement, the awning provides protection for goods and customers and can be customised with logos, company colour schemes and more. We are able to offer screen printing onto materials and sign writing, as well as powder coating frames.

Constructed to the highest standards and with an inherently stable design, our awnings offer excellent sun and rain protection and can be tailored to your exact requirements. They are practical all year round and can be deployed in all but the stormiest conditions. Surrey Blinds and Awnings provide an expert repair service for both modern and traditional awnings.

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Awning cleaning service

We can preserve the life of your awnings and canopies thanks to our high pressure cleaning service. Ideal for removing the dirt and grime of high street life and breathing new life into your awnings. We can clean your awnings in situ or remove them and refit them.

Where damage is uncovered or fabrics have begun to deteriorate and become brittle, we offer an extensive awning repair service.

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Re-covers and awning repairs

Surrey Blinds & Awnings offer a complete awning repair and re-covering service, with over twenty years’ experience. With a huge selection of fabrics and finishes, as well as a huge number of component parts, we can repair most types of commercial and domestic awnings at highly competitive rates. From storm damage to vandalism or simple wear and tear, our expert team are on hand to ensure that your awnings are kept in optimum condition.

Our re-covering service is also perfect if you are rebranding your premises, why not ask us about customised signage as well?

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Terrasol & Umbrellas

Terrasol (or umbrellas) are the ideal shading solution to a beer garden or outdoor dining tables where a conventional awning is impractical or unsuitable. The frame is is fixed in concrete with an awning which extends to both sides. Constructed using high quality fabrics, they are sufficiently robust to be used in both domestic and commercial environments, and ideal for providing shade and shelter from sunlight and showers, or an alternative to a fixed smoking shelter.

We also supply a range of more traditional umbrellas which are quick and easy to set up, providing you with excellent sun and rain protection over a garden table within a pub or restaurant environment.

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