1. Terms 50% deposit with order. Balance payable upon installation

2. Our quotation excludes any cutting away, making good or redecoration of the surrounding area

3a. The customer is responsible for obtaining any consent, permission, license or approval for the carrying out of the work and/or its subsequent maintenance or attention under the Town And Country Planning Act 1971 and/or any regulations made there under and/or or under any other statue or otherwise and in instructing the commencement of the work undertakes that all such consents, permission, licenses or approvals have been obtained and their provision complied with

3b. The customer agrees to indemnify the company against any loss, expense, claim, penalty or other charge or cost arising as a result of the absence and/or breach of any such consent, permission, license or approval referred to under condition 3a and/or the customer’s failure to obtain the same

4. Our installations are guaranteed for sixty months after completion during which time any faulty parts or workmanship will be rectified

5. Electrical goods have a FIVE year guarantee on parts, however labour may be chargeable

6. Delivery: Every effort will be made to comply with requested dates, however, this order is not conditional upon these dates being met

7. Cancellation: Cancellation can only be accepted if notification of it is received by the company, in writing. If manufacturing has commenced cancellation will only be accepted against payment of costs incurred at date of receipt of such cancellation

8. It is assumed that the surface to which we are requested to fit is sufficient to hold the Blind. We will not be responsible for damage caused by inadequate fixing surfaces

9. Prices quoted are based on today’s ruling costs. They will remain firm for 30 days but thereafter are subject to variation in relation to increased costs

10. In cases where the customer is of the opinion that the installation/work completed is not in accordance with his/her original instructions, the customer must notify us, in writing, within 7 days of date of installation/work completed

11. Repair work is estimated as seen. Should further parts or labour be required, then this would be at an additional charge

12. This contract shall in all respects be governed by and construed in accordance with English law

13. Insurance; Our legal liabilities to our employees and the general public are insured under employers liabilities and public liabilities policies