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Electric blinds and curtains

Automated window blinds are now common in both commercial and domestic settings. No longer only the preserve of modern offices, many people are choosing to install automatic blinds and shutters at home. We use remote controls for so many applications, that using them for blinds and curtains is a natural progression.

In time, all elements of lighting, shading, heating, security and entertainment will be combined as standard but for now, we can provide the shading separately.

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Garage and window shutters

Automatic garage doors are the type of product that you cannot think how you survived without it once you have one. With a remote control triggering the door to open, you never have to partially block the drive or road as you jump out to struggle with the garage handle. From single to double garages, we offer professional installation and maintentance, at highly competitive rates.

We also offer a range of automated shutters for windows and doors, suitable for commercial and domestic use.

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More information

For more information about our motorised shading systems please call us on 01293 871196.

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